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Launching in June 2021, from the organisers of the in-cosmetics portfolio of events, Halal Cosmetics Expo is the first trade event in Asia that is 100% dedicated to halal personal care.

Halal Cosmetics Expo provides a channel for halal beauty brands to promote their products to key global retailers, wholesalers and distributors. If you are a brand looking to develop halal-permissible products and want to make connections with the relevant suppliers, our networking opportunities and free educational programme will put you amongst the experts in the halal cosmetics sector.

We also want to support halal ODM manufacturers in communicating how they can assist in the production of halal cosmetic products, to simplify the supply process and potentially make it faster and cheaper. 

Across our two-day expo, our attendees will have the opportunity to engage with participating Halal Certification Bodies, including relevant halal auditors and authorities in the Halal Cosmetics Market. 

Halal Cosmetic Market

With the growth of the world’s Muslim population and increased recognition of halal cosmetics being both ethical and of high-quality, halal beauty is quickly confirming its place in the mainstream personal care market around the world.

There are more opportunities than ever for halal compatible cosmetic manufacturers and suppliers who appeal to all beauty consumers, regardless of their cultural or religious beliefs.

The Halal Cosmetic Market is forecast to grow 7% over the next few years, being valued at $95bn by 2024 (with Indonesia driving much of that growth). However, up until now there has been no sourcing, networking or learning opportunity devoted to this dynamic sector. That’s where we come in!

Halal beauty is forecast to grow by 7% year on year to reach over US$95bn by 2024. 

Source: DinarStandard

Currently 1 in 4 of the world’s population is Muslim, with growth between 2015 and 2060 forecast at more than twice the rate of overall world population growth. Asia Pacific, home to 62% of the world’s Muslim population, is the world’s biggest stage for halal personal care.

73% of new halal beauty product releases from 2014 to 2016 came from the Asia Pacific region.

In Indonesia there has been a rapid increase in the halal beauty industry, partly due to a population of 230 million Muslims, making it the global hub for Halal Cosmetics. With the Government working to ensure that all local products are certified, brands have increased opportunity to expand both locally and internationally, and with Indonesian brands, such as Wardah, gaining global attention, there are an increasing number of possibilities for other businesses to follow suit.

Halal Cosmetics Expo can help you reach these globally expanding markets by utilising our networking opportunities and providing you with the tools to succeed in this evolving market.


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